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Discover the sectors south of Greater Paris

In the south-east of Greater Paris, the EPA Sénart (Sénart Public Development Authority) is responsible for planning and developing the Sénart national interest operation. A team of 50 professionals is dedicated to your business development and expansion project. It secures your procedures and its responsiveness is at the heart of the proposed services. Our skill set is based on an in-depth analysis of the market and the necessary actions to take to create an attractive urban setting combining human and economic realities. We secure your deadlines and we control your operational risks: 10 months to become an owner including all the authorisations and 18 months to enter your new site. Sénart’s National Interest Operation offers 200 hectares of land immediately available with land starting at €70/sq.m in developing business parks dedicated to various sectors.

Industry and productive activities

The 4.0 revolution is underway: developing industrial activities in Sénart means setting up in the heart of supply chain action (production, e-commerce, distribution). The Sénart National Interest Operation has 45.5 ha of land for sale in several business parks dedicated to industry. Parks located near the A5 motorway, the Francilienne ring road (N104) and just 20 minutes from Orly airport. The EPA Sénart (Sénart Public Development Authority) ensures secure procedures and a high level of responsiveness while monitoring your project because these criteria are at the heart of our proposed [...]

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Filière industrielle Sénart
Service à l'industrie, filière de l'OIN de Sénart

Industry services

Part of the manufacturing sector, the industry service sector incorporates many functions that can be outsourced, thus allowing industrial players to focus on their key activities. Many companies are now focussed on industrial customers by offering their know-how such as machinery maintenance, quality control, waste management, part of R&D, logistics and transport, IT and telecommunications, various functions such as security, reception or catering, purchasing or sales functions, administrative services, etc.

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Filière Services à l'industrie
Filière éco activités Sénart


The Sénart Ecopôle is part of the new generation of parks that promote eco-responsible activities and companies involved in the environmental transition. Set up your eco-responsible activities within an ecosystem that facilitates the establishment and development of eco-businesses (eco-activities club, eco-incubator, etc.). A privileged and unique work environment for you and your employees: landscaped and protected areas in the immediate vicinity with a large supply of serviced land in Sénart, as well as premises for sale or rent, for all budgets.

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Filière éco activités à Sénart


The Sénart National Interest Operation has 54 school complexes, 14 secondary schools, 8 high schools and 3,500 students. There is a territorial logic between the development of an eco-neighbourhood and the construction of schools to accommodate future resident students in established housing. The Sénart Public Development Authority offers recent and modern facilities that facilitate the reception of various students. This logic is also applied to higher education. Our logistics basin requires qualified technicians, which is why in 2012 the Carré Sénart hosted an engineering school.

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Filière enseignement à Sénart